AUGUST 2009 Promotion!

Its Promotion time again!

We are feeling generous :) Alhamdulillah... praise be to Allah. We feel like we should share our bounties with our customers.

For all our customers, worldwide:
From 4th August until 20th August: We would like to announce a 10% discount ON TOP of current prices as displayed in the website for the hijabs. This includes the bulk purchases! WOW!! Hope this will encourage us to hijabify our daughters and get them ready for the holy Ramadhan.
**shipping to follow the rate as dictated by Emirates Post - refer Shipping Guide in the main website**

Exclusive for Malaysian customers only:
From 4th August until 20th August: We have a special shipping fee discount for you!

A bit of a background - our abaya prices are ex-Dubai prices (in the website), hence they are very competitive, it is almost like shopping in Dubai itself! Ordering from the website means you will have to pay your own shipping fee - and it is at RM84 per kg (the rate dictated by EmiratesPost). However, for some selected designs, we have shipped them over to Malaysia. Hence, the cost of shipping is just a fraction than what you would have had to pay if you were to have them shipped from Dubai!

For these selected designs, for every Abaya purchased, the shipping charge is ONLY RM30! Additional abaya purchased in the same order will be charged RM15 only. Great news, isn't it??

The designs are:
Layla Bronze, Gold, Silver
Alya Green, Silver
Sumayyah Turqoise, Red
**subject to the available sizes. please enquire within**

**for every Abaya ordered, we can also ship 2 hijabs without paying any extra shipping fee!**

Happy shopping ladies!