Testimonials - what our customers said about us

19th April 2010,
Ezati, Malaysia
bought: Fareeha

Abaya saya dah sampai and I like it. Jazak Allah khair

15th April 2010,
Liza, Singapore
bought: Anissa Blue
I got the abaya last night & I love it! the length and size is good for me. am very happy with the purchase. are you gonna be having any other new stocks aside from the ones on your website?

7th April 2010

Ms P, Kelantan, Malaysia

received the gellabiya (Nawrah Black) today..shukran jazilan. love it!

30th March 2010

Natasha, Malaysia

Bought: Anissa Blue

I have received the abayas today, alhamdulillah I am happy with the items. Also, thank you so much for the pashmina, very sweet colour, i like :D

29th March 2010

Deliana, Malaysia

I've already received both the abaayas including the FREE gift! Thank you very much! And yes, I love them all! :)
Thanks again. Wish you all the best and you will definately hear from me about the Egyptian Jalabiyahs, I'm a BIG fan of those, so i do hope you will have more designs with nice colours!

27th March 2010

Fayruz, Malaysia

Beautiful piece, simple, understated. 2 thumbs up!

22nd March 2010

Rahma, Philadelphia, US

The quality of your abaya are outstanding and I will definitely be reordering but what is equally as important to me is your customer service. I feel we are true sisters and not just two people with a business transaction.

4th Jan 2010
Anis, Malaysia

"Alhamdulillah, my package had arrived safely this morning. I am very happy to purchase these abayas from you. Keep up the good work and do keep me updated with your latest additions to the store. I would be looking forward to do business with you again, Insya Allah :)"

4th Jan 2010

Azizah, Malaysia
K zah dah terima the hayati abaya. Cantik dan sangat suka! Kalau ada new pattern of the same material, let me know ok. K zah , JZKK"

4th Jan 2010
AJ, Malaysia

Just received the abaya. TQ so much. It is so beautiful and my mom will like it! Thx again, syukran.

17th Dec 2009
Anis, Malaysia

Salaam Hannani,
Alhamdulillah, I already received the first batch order safely and all of them arrived in good condition. I especially love the fabrics used because they don't only suit the designs of each abaya but also the weight they carry and fall is just right, its almost like I had picked the materials and have them tailored made for me. So its quite hard to pick a favourite, but I would say Bahraini is an instant hit with the ladies of my household. The wide kaftan cut and green weave deco is simply lovely, elegant and superbly comfortable. I am very glad to have this into the addition of my wardrobe.

Looking forward to the arrival of my next order, as well as many more designs from your shop :)"

9th Dec 2009
Sofhia, Malaysia

Salam! Received the good yesterday. Love it. Thanks! That was quick!!

8th Dec 2009
Wan Norhaslina, Malaysia

Nani. Saya dah terima Hanan dengan selamatnya. Suka sangat. Terima kasih banyak2.
Saya beli ! :D

1st Dec 2009

Puan Zaharah, Malaysia

Salam nani...

Akak dh terima abaya. Alhamdulillah...it fits me well.. plus, the material used is high in quality

I'm happy with the abaya...:)

29 Oct 2009

Hayati Hanib, Malaysia

salam sis hannani... i've received the hannan abaya today. Alhamdulillah, though a bit long, it fits me well. As you said an abaya should be worn loose.. so i guess L size is a no-problem case... hehe.. tq very much.. hope to purchase more abaya from you in future... insyaAllah...

29th Oct 2009

Anna Muhammad, Malaysia

Assalamo aleykom dearest sister Nurhannani,

I've received the abaya that you sent previously yesterday afternoon. Masha Allah, its more beautiful than seen in pictures. This is the best abaya I've ever had. I'm impressed with its embroidery works, magnificent! And the quality of the fabrics are excellent. So, thank you so much. And insha Allah, I'll purchase more from you soon. Keep in touch. Ma'asalama!

16th Sep 2009
Zeti Hidayah, Malaysia

Salam,I have received my abaya today - love it to bits!thanks..but I need to shorten the length, as for the width, it fits me perfectly.

17 Sep 2009
Rina Melati, Malaysia

Salam, just received the abayas, love them. Fit just nicely, and love the quality. jazakallah.....can't wait to see more new collections.

Eid Mubarak to you and family.

9 Sep 09

Nazliah Suriati , Malaysia

Thanks soo much! yes i love it, n happy!

1 Sep 09

Farah Farhana, Malaysia:
salam nani.. Abaya sumayya i dah siap.. sungguh cantik! Terasa macam extra jelita la pulak :)) Tqvm

19 Aug 09

Suhaila, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Salam. dah terima abaya layla. tq kak. sedap pakai.

13 Aug 09, 15:45

Hani kamaludin, Putrajaya, Malaysia:
salam, received my parcel yesterday...luv the fabrics dan potongan abaya, luv the selendang fabric too

10 Aug 09, 13:26

KakChik, www.kelatemaghi.blogspot.com:
Salam nani & sis farhana. Abayaat from ABAYASOUQ are really good. The material, the cutting and the design, I love them all.