Some of the common questions our customers asked:

Q- If I am ready to make an order - do I pay a deposit or pay in full?
A- You will have to pay in full, please. Upon payment confirmation, we will start processing your order, ie prepare the delivery of your abaya etc, within 3-5 days of receipt of payment.

Q-How do I choose the correct size?
A-The best way is to measure the drop from the highest point of your shoulder (near the neck) to the bottom - that should be your abaya length. And the length of the abaya will determine the size that you choose. Each abaya has been tailored to fit a standard width for every length. So if you would like your abaya to be of 56inches, then you will have to choose size L. However, if you choose size L and you are not a broad person (you are the tall and lanky type), then there is a high likelihood that you will have to alter the width of the abaya, otherwise it will not be properly in place.

A short cut way, however, is to measure up an existing abaya if you have any. That way you will know the right length to get :-)

Q-Do you have a showroom for us to physically examine your merchandise?
A- We do not have a proper showroom, but we do have a make-shift, home-based mini showroom. The location is in Damansara Damai, Selangor, Malaysia. You are welcomed to drop by, if you are in the vicinity. Please call Suhaili
(+60123930559) for appointment.

Q-Why do you price your products and the shipping fee separately?
A-Our prices are ex-dubai price. We have separated the actual product price and the shipping cost for the benefits of customers from out of Malaysia, as the delivery to other locations incurs different shipping charges.

Q-Why do you charge shipping fee of RM35 to a Malaysian address even if the item is already in Malaysia?
A- Firstly, we have to emphasize that the prices displayed in the website are ex-dubai prices. It is as if you bought them when they were still in Dubai. FYI, the shipping fee from Dubai for one piece of abaya is in the region of RM60! We have sent them in bulk, bundled a few orders together and sometimes, accumulated stocks in order to save up on the shipping fee. And as a result of that, you get to pay only RM35, flat rate, for one abaya and NOT RM60! That is the reason why we still have to recover that bit from our customers - the portion that is the shipping fee - that has already been paid upfront by us.

Q-I am happy now and ready to place an order. What do I do?
A- That is great! Please use our order form for ordering purposes. Thank you for your support!